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We are a mainstream primary school catering for pupils from the age of 5 to 11. We have a commitment to inclusive education and strive to maintain high quality teaching and learning in our superb school environment. We encourage growing independence and emphasise that enthusiasm, effort and high standards are expected from everyone.

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Gotham Primary School – The best bits.

Oak Class

Willow Class are enthusiatic editors

Willow had a go at editing our writing with a positive attitude! We found everything in our writing that we had done correctly before changing anything we weren’t happy with.

Willow Class Stone Age Tools

We had great fun investigating how Stone Age tools would have been made. We had to carve our own out of soap, thinking about the most effective shape and the least time consuming method! We made some excellent and quite accurate tools they could almost go in a museum!

Sycamore Roman Artefacts


Willow Class recreate Stonehenge
Willow class worked as a team to re-create Stonehenge. We learnt lots of different facts about this Neolithic monument before deciding how to create our own.
Chestnut Class – History of Flight

Chestnut Class have been learning about the history of flight.  Here they are ordering events in history for our timeline.