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We are a mainstream primary school catering for pupils from the age of 5 to 11. We have a commitment to inclusive education and strive to maintain high quality teaching and learning in our superb school environment. We encourage growing independence and emphasise that enthusiasm, effort and high standards are expected from everyone.

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February 2020 Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

February Half Term Letters


World Book Day Thursday 5th March 2020

Science Poster Challenge

The Arts Week

This year’s ‘Arts Week’ was a celebration of all art forms – drama, music, sculpture, art and dance. Each class based their work on a different film. (more…)

Chestnut Class learn about Christenings

Chestnut class have built on their learning about christenings and baptisms. They have now started to learn about why there are certain features to the service. For example, why water is used, why there are candles and why is the font near the entrance to the church. Val performed a christening on dolly Josie. The parents and Godparents were very proud. 

Arts Showcase Timetable for Friday 31st January

The Arts’ Week Showcase

Friday 31st January


This week children will be working on the arts through the study of sections of film. Children have produced work that covers a cross section of arts subjects e.g music, drama, dance, architecture, art and design. Some classes are having short performances in their classrooms at the times listed below. If your class isn’t listed, then their work will be in the hall. All children will have work in the hall.

2.30 Cedar class performance in classroom

2.50 Maple class performance in classroom

3.00 Willow class performance in classroom

3.05 Chestnut class performance in classroom

3.10 Beech class performance in classroom

Previous showcases have caused a lot of congestion in the hall. To avoid this, can you try to arrive 10 minutes before your class show to view the hall. If the hall is extremely busy, please come and have a drink by the staffroom whilst you wait for things to settle down.