Welcome to Gotham Primary School

We are a mainstream primary school catering for pupils from the age of 5 to 11. We have a commitment to inclusive education and strive to maintain high quality teaching and learning in our superb school environment. We encourage growing independence and emphasise that enthusiasm, effort and high standards are expected from everyone. We were inspected by Ofsted in July 2014 and we are proud to have been judged to be a 'Good' school. We have become so popular that we have created an additional classroom. Look round our site and read our Ofsted report to see why Gotham is Good!

    The winners for September's punctuality points are.... Mars 240, Saturn 240, Neptune 235, Jupiter 230. Well done Mars and Saturn!!!!

Science week Cedar Class

During Science week we carried out investigations into the effect of surface area on air resistance and here are some pictures of us completing out parachute experiments.  We also looked at forces in general but particularly gravity, balanced forces  and unbalanced forces. We had fun making paper tables to see if we could place a tennis ball on the top without it collapsing and hence demonstrated gravity balanced out by resistance.

Making an Orrery

Cedar Class have been studying the Sun, Earth and Moon, and how the Solar System is heliocentric.  We then made our orreries to show the orbit of the planets around the sun.

Kensuke’s Kingdom – Cedar Class Novel Study

Our exciting new novel study for the Autumn term is Kensuke’s Kingdom.  Here are Cedar Class using ‘Chalk Talk’ to share what they know about our main character Michael and his mum and dad.

Wedding Day!

Maple Class have had fun celebrating Miss Thaw’s and Miss Legg’s future weddings which will both be in August! They had lots of fun designing wedding dresses out of toilet roll complete with veils, trains and confetti! image image image image image image image

We are composers – Cedar Class

Cedar class have been learning to write musical notation in order to compose their own pieces of music.    We have also learned about dynamics and tempo.