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Science Showcase

For British Science Week, Gotham Primary had the theme of journeys.  Each class looked at a specific type of journey and presented their findings at our Showcase.  We also had some help from Trent University, who came in to deliver a lesson to each of our classes and allowed us to use their lab coats […]

Sneeze Zone – Chestnut Class Science Week

Continuing our theme of journeys through the air, Chestnut Class investigated how far ‘a sneeze’ travels through the air.  We discovered that a sneeze can travel over a metre without a tissue but when a tissue is used it barely travels at all.  We learned that to prevent sneezes/germs spreading we should always use a […]

Pollution Solution – Chestnut Class

Chestnut class have been discussing how the air can become polluted and what causes it.  Although we can’t always see it, we knew that some places have more polluted air than others.  We tested two solutions, as models for ‘park’ air and ‘busy road’ air.  When we added our reagent  (grape juice) it became very obvious […]