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Chestnut Class Antibullying week 2020

In Antibullying week Chestnut class wrote about what they would do to make sure bullying doesn’t happen.  We also thought about nice things you can do for people and what isn’t nice for people.  Then we discussed different scenarios that might be encountered online which we learned was cyberbullying.  They were very sensible with their ideas and knew exactly what to do if it happened to them.  Well done!

Chestnut Class – Geography Awareness week 2020

Chestnut class have really enjoyed Geography Awareness week.  We took the opportunity to use an atlas to look at all the different countries in the world and to make it fun, we tried to find one for every letter of the alphabet.   Also we looked at why countries have different flags and how they originated.  Then we made a flag that represented us as an individual.  They were very colourful!