Trent Bridge Cricket Trip!

Cedar class enjoyed their trip to Trent Bridge today. We did some cricket based activities in the executive box over looking the pitch and then went to the library to learn about the history of cricket. We then had lunch and learned some cricket skills! Cedar class behaved fantastically and especially loved the trip on the bus! 

Dissecting flowers

To start our topic on life processes we dissected flowers to find the different parts and discussed their role in reproduction. The children found the stigma, carpel, ovary and sepal. 

Antibullying Week 2018

After our first activity we made some freeze frame role plays of different types of bullying. In each role play was a bully, a victim and a bystander. There was also a narrator to explain what was happening. Each character in the scene had to come forward and discuss their feelings and actions.

Antibullying Week 2018

We started anti-bullying week with a short activity. We were each given a clean, fresh piece of paper and then we had to ‘bully’ the piece of paper. We discussed that we might harm it physically or emotionally. We then looked at how our paper had changed after a minute of ‘bullying’ and then we tried to get our paper back to normal again. We learnt that the paper could never go back to exactly how it was (no matter how hard we tried!) and we discussed the lasting effects of bullying.