Novel Study Launch in Maple and Cedar Class

Today Cedar and Maple class joined together to launch our new novel study. First we met in  the hall and listened an extract from the book. We considered how it made us feel, what we imagined in our mind and any particularly poignant words. Then with a partner we wrote those words down.

We then spread the words around the room. One child in the partnership closed their eyes whilst their partner talk them on a word walk. They read the words they passed on the ground to create an image in their partners mind. Then they swapped over.

In the hall before school an exploration area had been created. The pairs had to crawl in and imagine how the character in the extract felt and what they saw.


Once all these experiences had finished the children created a sketch of whatever ideas they had developed.


The pairs then went to class and completed their sketches with colour.

Here are Maple class


Here are Cedar class


Last week we played a friendly against West Bridgford juniors to start off the new school year.
We didn’t win but we played really well as a team to say it was our first match!
Well done to all the boys who took part – you’re team work and good spirit was clear to see!

Cedar Class learn about the Solar System with fruit!

Cedar class are learning about Earth and space in their current two week block. On Tuesday we learnt about the comparative sizes of planets and the distances between them. This is very hard to imagine. We tried to visualise it by representing each planet by a fruit, except Mercury – that was a peppercorn. Jupiter was a watermelon. We then measured the distance between planets using toilet paper! Each square of toilet paper represented 16 million km! In between Mars and Jupiter there were 34 pieces of toilet paper but just 2.5 between Earth and Venus.

As well as learning a lot we also had great fun. It was rather windy so you may notice in the photos some flying toilet paper – we did retrieve it all!

Spaghetti Bridges – Cedar Class

Cedar class are learning about bridges in DT. Here are our attempts to make a bridge from spaghetti, marshmallows and liquorice laces. Some were more successful than others but it did show us the problems that can occur when constructing a bridge e.g. flexibility, stability. We had fun trying though.