Novel Study Launch in Maple and Cedar Class

Today Cedar and Maple class joined together to launch our new novel study. First we met in  the hall and listened an extract from the book. We considered how it made us feel, what we imagined in our mind and any particularly poignant words. Then with a partner we wrote those words down.

We then spread the words around the room. One child in the partnership closed their eyes whilst their partner talk them on a word walk. They read the words they passed on the ground to create an image in their partners mind. Then they swapped over.

In the hall before school an exploration area had been created. The pairs had to crawl in and imagine how the character in the extract felt and what they saw.


Once all these experiences had finished the children created a sketch of whatever ideas they had developed.


The pairs then went to class and completed their sketches with colour.

Here are Maple class


Here are Cedar class

Hagg Farm 2018

Children in Years 5 and 6 had a brilliant week at Hagg farm! We went abseiling, canoeing, rock scrambling and climbing, as well as eating marshmallows by the fire pit and watching films in the evening. All the staff and children had an amazing (yet tiring!) week and we have memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to all the staff at Hagg Farm and thank you to the children, who were so incredibly well-behaved, polite and smiley throughout.

Novel Study Launch

In Maple and Cedar classes, we were given the task of creating aboriginal art work with the theme of the ocean and Australia. Part way through the lesson, some children were suddenly taken away and we were all very confused as to why they had to go and where they were going! It all became clear when we found out about our new Novel Study ‘Alone on a wide, wide sea’ where children were taken away from England to Australia!

Maple and Cedar classes celebrate World Book Day!

As part of our whole school World Book Day celebrations, Years 5 and 6 had a class competition. Each child had to try and persuade the rest of the class to read their book. We spent time thinking about how we might persuade other people to vote for our book; through writing speeches, researching the author and making posters advertising our books. We then presented this to the rest of the class. The range of books inn Years 5 and 6 was brilliant!

Gotham’s 100 million minute reading challenge!

As part of our world book day celebrations, all the pupils took part in Achievement For All’s 100 million minute reading challenge. Lots of schools across the country took part to see if children could read for 100 million minutes. In just one week, children at Gotham Primary School, managed to read for 18,897 minutes at home! This is an amazing achievement! The winning house team, with the highest number of minutes, was Jupiter with 5136 minutes. Well done team Jupiter!

Change for life Multi-sports festival

Some children in Years 4,5 and 6 went to represent Gotham Primary at a multisports festival. They participated in a number of activities and worked brilliantly together as a team. The festival was aimed at engaging young people in sports and giving them a chance to SHINE! Well done everyone who took part!