Intraschool Athletics competitions 30.6.17

This week the children have been taking part in class athletic competitions. Today Years 2 and 4 showed off their skills in their house teams. Sadly we were indoors due to the rain but it didn’t stop our competitive spirit!

Defib training!


Our defibrillator is here and ready to use if we ever need to use it (hopefully not!)

Gotham staff have now taken part in CPR and defibrillator training thanks to SADS UK and East Midlands Ambulance Service. We are all feeling much more confident about using this life-saving equipment if we ever had to!


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We grew butterflies!

We have been growing our very own class butterflies! They started as five tiny caterpillars and grew to 10x their size in a week! Then they each made a chrysalis and we watched their transformation. We all thought it was magical when they came out as butterflies. We let them free in our school butterfly garden so they could live a happy life.
We then did some exciting writing to tell people about the journey our pets took!

Andy Warhol ‘Popart’!

We used repeated patterns, shape, colour and sketching skills to create artwork like Andy Warhol’s ‘Popart’ work.
We chose our favourite sketch to copy and colour in four different ways.

Creative homework show and tell

Here are some pictures of our Creative homework show and tell pieces from March and May!