Oak Class Apparatus Lesson

This half term Mr Tinsley is doing gymnastics with apparatus in PE. This slideshow shows you how the apparatus was set up for the first session and some of the children using it. We were trying to travel high and low, over and under different equipment. Such fun!

Whizzy Wednesday in Oak Class

It was our first Whizzy Wednesday today and it was great fun! We got started by using our daily mile path to go round. We worked on keeping a safe distance from each other, stopping on the whistle and steering. We discovered that one section of the track is down hill and very exciting. Then we moved to the old playground where the obstacle courses were set up and the wheel wash. We discovered that wheel washing is very, very popular.

Gotham’s BIG SHOCK Campaign is off to a great start!

Today everyone at Gotham Primary School dressed up in red clothes to support our campaign to buy our own school defibrillator. We had some amazing outfits and crazy hair styles to add some fun to the event!

Incredibly we raised over £240 in one day and have also raised over £340 in sponsorships on our Just Giving page already! So we are already £580 in to our £1100 target!

Thank you to all the children, staff and parents for their support so far. What a small school full of big hearts! Please continue to sponsor the children for their sponsored run or walk which will take place during the week beginning 6th March. 🙂

Porridge in Oak Class – Yum!

We planned what toppings we would like to add to our porridge during our study of Goldilocks and the three bears. We then evaluated which ones we liked and which ones we didn’t! Whilst cooking our porridge we talked about the changes that occurred.