Gotham Primary School, Kegworth Road, Gotham, Nottingham NG11 0JS

Section: Classes

Kensuke’s Choices

We then wrote a discussion about his choices before deciding on our opinion.

We used chalk talk to explore Kensuke’s options. Should he stay on the island? Should he go back to Japan or leave the island with Michael and go to England?

Studying our Shadows

In Science in Willow class we have been looking at light.

The sun broke through the clouds just long enough for us to look at our shadows, draw round them with chalk and create our own shadow monsters!

It was an exciting way to learn about how light travels and how shadows are created because we get in the way!

Novel Study Launch in Willow & Sycamore Class January, 2018

Today Willow and Sycamore class have got together to launch our new novel study book. We split into small groups with members of both Willow and Sycamore class in each group. Each group had a copy of all the illustrations from the book but no story. Groups sequenced the pictures as they wished and created their own stories – will they be the same as the actual story or will they be a new improved version? We had great fun and really enjoyed looking deeply into all the illustrations.