Beech class maths

We have been looking at whole part models to partition numbers.


Subtraction using apparatus in Chestnut

Chestnut class have been learning what subtractions means.  We have already done simple subtraction but this time we were learning to subtract when we had to count back through a 10’s barrier.  We used the apparatus to exchange 10’s for ones.  Fantastic work Chestnut class!

Making Airplanes in Chestnut Class

In History, Chestnut Class have been looking at events that have made significant changes. As part of this we discovered that the Wright Brothers were credited with inventing, building, and flying the world’s first successful airplane.  We learned they are very different to our planes today and here are some that we made.


Rainbow Grammar in Chestnut

Chestnut Class have been practising writing sentences using Rainbow Grammar.  We know the subject, the predicate and the stop.  We can also underline the verb.

Computing with Scratch in Chestnut

Chestnut Class have been starting to do some simple programming on Scratch.  Here we are creating our own backgrounds and sprites.  We even managed to start moving our sprites by making a simple program.