RSPB walk

Maple and Cedar classes enjoyed a visit from the RSPB when we explored our school grounds, looking at the different habitats we offered for wildlife. We then plotted this on a map and thought about next steps for helping out local wildlife. It was a wet and miserable day in terms of the weather, but we really enjoyed the activity!

Pollution Solution – Chestnut Class

Chestnut class have been discussing how the air can become polluted and what causes it.  Although we can’t always see it, we knew that some places have more polluted air than others.  We tested two solutions, as models for ‘park’ air and ‘busy road’ air.  When we added our reagent  (grape juice) it became very obvious which solution was more polluted.  The ‘park’ air remained clear and pink.  The ‘busy road’ air became murky and changed the colour of the reagent.