Gotham Primary School, Kegworth Road, Gotham, Nottingham NG11 0JS

Section: Classes

Hindu Visitors in Sycamore

In June, Sycamore were very lucky because they had a visit from two members of the Hindu Temple in Nottingham. We learnt more about how Hindus worship at home. We learnt about Hindu Gods and their characteristics. The children were able to ask questions and this developed their understanding of Hinduism.

Sycamore at Sherwood Forest.

Sycamore have had a fabulous trip to Sherwood Forest Visitors Centre. We did orienteering in the morning and shelter building in the afternoon. We were all rather tired after orienteering but our compass and map skills have improved. In the afternoon, our shelters were amazing. Look at the photos. Thanks to all our helpers – […]

Cedar Class learn the trumpet!

Every Wednesday Cedar Class have been lucky enough to learn to play the pocket trumpet. So far we have learnt the notes C, D and E and have been writing our own composition using these notes. We have even been able to record our notes on a stave!

Willow go to Wollaton

Today Willow class have been on an exciting adventure to Wollaton Hall. Firstly, we learnt all about the Elizabethan explorers and all the places they had discovered. We learnt of their adventures on the high seas and how they had to use compasses to help them to come back home. Then we learnt a dance […]