Gotham’s 100 million minute reading challenge!

As part of our world book day celebrations, all the pupils took part in Achievement For All’s 100 million minute reading challenge. Lots of schools across the country took part to see if children could read for 100 million minutes. In just one week, children at Gotham Primary School, managed to read for 18,897 minutes at home! This is an amazing achievement! The winning house team, with the highest number of minutes, was Jupiter with 5136 minutes. Well done team Jupiter!

Sycamore bakes!

As part of our novel study work we made scones.

Shang Oracle bones.

Sycamore have been studying the ancient Shang dynasty. The Shang developed one of the earliest forms of writing which used symbols to represent words. These were then carved on to ox bones or tortoise plastrons. Sycamore class developed their own form of pictographic writing but thankfully used clay instead of bones!