Novel Study Launch in Willow & Sycamore Class January, 2018

Today Willow and Sycamore class have got together to launch our new novel study book. We split into small groups with members of both Willow and Sycamore class in each group. Each group had a copy of all the illustrations from the book but no story. Groups sequenced the pictures as they wished and created their own stories – will they be the same as the actual story or will they be a new improved version? We had great fun and really enjoyed looking deeply into all the illustrations.

HIIT workout!

The children in Sycamore and Maple classes have been taking part in HIIT sessions to improve their fitness. Not only is it helping them with their fitness and coordination, but also confidence and enjoyment of active sessions. At the end of the lesson, the teachers can see lots of red, sweaty but smiling faces!

Antibullying Week 2018

After our first activity we made some freeze frame role plays of different types of bullying. In each role play was a bully, a victim and a bystander. There was also a narrator to explain what was happening. Each character in the scene had to come forward and discuss their feelings and actions.

Antibullying Week 2018

We started anti-bullying week with a short activity. We were each given a clean, fresh piece of paper and then we had to ‘bully’ the piece of paper. We discussed that we might harm it physically or emotionally. We then looked at how our paper had changed after a minute of ‘bullying’ and then we tried to get our paper back to normal again. We learnt that the paper could never go back to exactly how it was (no matter how hard we tried!) and we discussed the lasting effects of bullying.