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Wednesday 1st April

You can now write up your balanced argument in your books (page 5-6).

Look at the Benin bronzes and choose your favourite. Draw your favourite and say why you like this one compared to the others in the series of photos.


Benin Bronzes

Balanced Argument Writing Sheet

Tuesday 31st March

Yr 5 – Spring Block 2 – Fractions


Should Homework be Banned Activity Sheet

Balanced Argument Writing Sheet

Balanced Argument Checklist

For the English activity above you need to cover pages 3 and 4 today.

Work for Monday 30th March


The Magic Hammer

Danegeld by Rudyard Kipling

For the English activity below you need to cover pages 1 and 2 of the balanced argument writing sheet. All three documents relate to the same activity.

Should Homework be Banned Activity Sheet

Balanced Argument Checklist

Balanced Argument Writing Sheet

Work for Friday 27th March

There are two Flashback 4 maths activities and new spellings are on Spelling Shed.
Choose the Easter activity most suited to you. Write the answers in your work books.

Year-5-Spring-Block-2-FB4-Friday 27