Guides for Parents

Please find below our guides for parents. Please note these are tri-fold booklets. Hard copies are available outside the office.

  1. Attendance attendance-2016
  2. Behaviour  behaviour-respect-2016
  3. STOP Bullying  anti-bullying-2016
  4. Complaints complaints-2016
  5. Homework 2016  homework-new-2016
  6. Let’s Read! 2016 lets-read-booklet-2016
  7. Write On! 2016 Write On booklet
  8. Spelling Rules 2016 spelling-booklet-2016
  9. Sex and Relationships Education sre-2016
  10. Welcome for Parents of FS2 children  welcome-booklet-2016
  11. Welcome for KS2 new starters  welcome-booklet-ks2-2016