Gotham Primary School, Kegworth Road, Gotham, Nottingham NG11 0JS


In October, 2018 OFSTED came and judged us to be ‘Requiring Improvement’. We needed to:

    • Improve the impact of leadership and management on raising standards.  
    • Accelerate the progress of children.
    • Make best use of children’s time in the Early Years.
    • Improve attendance.

We are working hard to tackle these issues and we are confident that we will soon return to being a ‘good’ school. Here is some of our progress to date:

    • Improved processes for monitoring, evaluating and challenging progress across school.
    • From year 1 to year 6, children have whole class reading sessions most days which ensure all children have access to age related books and develop strong vocabulary as well as reading skills.
    • Progression in skills across school is stronger.
    • Some children have guided or individual reading on top of this.
    • In maths, we have enrolled on the Mastery Readiness programme.
    • Improved attainment in externally moderated assessments in FS2, Year 1 and Year 2.
    • Improvements in FS2 classroom organisation allowing for more productive child-led learning.
    • New planning methods are being used to support the progressions of skills being taught as well as the level of challenge for children.
    • Attendance has improved.

As well as the areas to improve, there were many positives to be found in the report. Here are just a few:

    • The curriculum is broad and balanced. Teachers provide a range of interesting learning activities for pupils…colourful displays around the school celebrate the breadth of learning pupils enjoy.
    • Teachers and teaching assistants make good use of their strong subject knowledge, so that they explain new ideas clearly to pupils. They also use well-considered questions to deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding.
    • In class and around the school, pupils behave well. They demonstrate their good manners when they talk with adults and their peers alike. They show respect for each other’s ideas in class, and cooperate sensibly when they work together.

Letter to Parents Ofsted Inspection 2018

Gotham Primary School Ofsted Inspection Report 2018