Gotham Primary School, Kegworth Road, Gotham, Nottingham NG11 0JS


Mrs Jennie Walker (Parent)

Chair of Governors. Link Governor for Sycamore Class – Year 4, Pupil Premium, Early Years and the curriculum, Mental Health and Well-Being Governor.


Mrs Linda Dale (Co-opted)

Vice Chair of Governors. Head Teacher Appraiser. Link Governor for Special Educational Needs, Child Protection, Pupil Welfare, Safer Recruitment and Pupil Premium

Ms Gill Aldridge (Co-opted)

Training Co-ordinator. Link Governor for Maths, Music and Computing.

Dr. Anne McCartney (Co-opted)

Mental Health and Well-Being Governor

Mrs Marta Kenny (Co-opted)

Acting Deputy Head Teacher and English Lead, Pupil Premium Lead and Science of Learning Lead

Mr. Allan Kerr (Co-opted)

Finance Committee Chair. Head Teacher Appraiser sub, Link Governor for Willow Class – Year 3, Health and Safety, Website, Complaints and English.

Mr. Andrew Howard (Local Authority)

SDP Committee Chair. Link Governor for Maple Class – Year 6, Assessment and Target Setting, Child Protection, Pupil Welfare, Safer Recruitment, Website, GDPR, R.E and French.

Mrs Emma Ault (Parent)

Link Governor for Chestnut Class – Year 2,  English, P.E, Art and Design Technology.

Mrs Clare Payne (Parent)

Link Governor for Oak Class – FS2, Beech Class – Year 1, Early Years,  Science, PSHE and RHSE.

Mrs Sarah Riley (Parent)

Health and Safety Committee Chair, Strategy Committee Chair. Head Teacher Appraiser. Link Governor for Cedar Class – Year 5, Special Educational Needs, Geography and History.


Mrs Lisa Mills (Parent)

Miss Natalie Danylevych (Staff)

Deputy Head Teacher and English Lead (maternity leave)

Miss Janette Allen

Head Teacher

    • David Hutchinson (Clerk to Full Governing Body meetings)
    • Rebecca Howard (Clerk to F&GP/P, Strategy and SDP Committees)