Gotham Primary School, Kegworth Road, Gotham, Nottingham NG11 0JS

Section: History and Geography at GPS

Videos for Tokyo

As part of our build up for the Tokyo Olympics we have set up a link with a school in Tokyo. They have sent us films of life in their school and we are sharing videos of our school. We are learning about life in Tokyo and how it compares to life here.

Beech Class – Year 1 aged 5 and 6.

Beech class have created a few videos. The first one shows you inside their classroom.

Beech Class Outside

Beech class wanted to show you how they play outside at school

Beech Class Keeping Safe

We sanitise our hands to keep germs away.

Beech Class

Beech Class show you the reading area and the end of the school day.

Chestnut Class – Year 2 aged 6 and 7.

Chestnut show you all the fun they have in their class. there’s even a parachute!

Willow Class – Year 3 aged 7 and 8.

Willow Class show you around school and outline their day in school.

Sycamore Class – Year 4 aged 8 and 9.

The children in Year 4 filmed their own video. They had lots of fun!

Maple Class – Year 6 aged 10 and 11.

The year 6 children explain British Values.

Maple class

Look round our outdoor area.

Willow Visit Wollaton Hall

Willow Class had a wonderful day visiting Wollaton Hall. We investigated the Tudor kitchen and learnt many things about sugar and spice. Wollaton is our local site of historic interest so our Tudor day showed us how the house would have been when it was first opened in 1588! We had a Tudor inspired lunch (with as little plastic as possible) and even learnt a Tudor dance to show Miss Allen.


Willow Class’s Virtual Holiday to Italy!

As part of Geography Awareness Week Willow Class undertook a virtual holiday.

We used the atlas to work out where we wanted to go and google maps to plan our activities.

Once we were on holiday we flew in our imaginary plane, visited the sites (virtually) and tried a variety of Italian foods. There were some mixed responses to the food but the pizza was definitely the favourite!