Gotham Primary School, Kegworth Road, Gotham, Nottingham NG11 0JS

SATs Revision

The Key Stage 2 tests are timetabled from Monday 13th May to Thursday 16th May 2024.

Date Activity
Monday 13th May 2024 English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1
(GPS 45 minutes; 50 marks) and 2 (Spelling c.30 minutes; 20 marks)
Tuesday 14th May 2024 English reading (60 minutes; 50 marks)
Wednesday 15th May 2024 Mathematics papers 1 (Arithmetic 30 minutes; 40 marks)
and 2 (Reasoning 40 minutes; 35 marks)
Thursday 16th May 2024 Mathematics paper 3 (Reasoning 40 minutes; 35 marks)

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling



The Pirate Game 

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