Gotham Primary School, Kegworth Road, Gotham, Nottingham NG11 0JS


   Below are links to some of our policy documents.

    1. Appraisal Policy Appraisal policy 2019
    2. Behaviour Policy Behaviour Policy 2019
    3. Anti-bullying Policy Anti Bullying Policy 2019
    4. RE Policy re-policy-2016
    5. Collective Worship statement collective-worship-2016
    6. British Values at GPS  British-values-audit-2015
    7. SMSC at GPS smsc-audit-2015
    8. Equality EQUALITY POLICY 2017
    9. Feedback, Marking and Presentation Policy Marking Feedback and Presentation Policy 2019
    10. Complaints Complaints 2017 with appendices included
    11. Mobile phones and cameras in school I-PADS MOBILE PHONES AND CAMERAS 2017
    12. Child Protection Policy  Child Protection Policy 2019
    13. SEN Policy SEND policy 2019 update
    14. Access Plan access-plan-2016
    15. Finance Policy Finance Policy Gotham Oct 2019 with appendices
    16. Lettings Policy Lettings Policy March19
    17. Charges & Remissions Policy charges and Remission Policy 2019
    18. Managing Medicines and Supporting Children with Medical Needs 2106 managing-medicines-and-supporting-medical-needs-2016 
    19. Attendance >Attendance Policy June 2019
      AB1 Lost of Learning Application Form
      AB2 Parental Confirmation Form
      AB3 Pupil Attendance Review
      AB4 authorised LOA
      AB5 unauhtorised PNW
      AB6 – Penalty Notice Referral
    20. Homework Homework 2017
    21. Handwriting Guide Handwriting guide
    22. Health & Safety H&S Policy 2018
    23. Parents Code of Conduct Code of Conduct for parents 2017
    24. Staff Code of Conduct school-code-of-conduct-sept-2019 Staff Code of Conduct appendix
    25. Confidential Reporting and Whistleblowing Policy Confidential Reporting and Whistleblowing 2019
    26. Peer on Peer Abuse Policy Peer on peer abuse Policy 2019
    27. Visitors Policy 2020 Visitors policy January 2020