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SATs Revision

The key stage 2 tests are timetabled from Monday 9 May to Thursday 12 May 2022.

Date Activity
Monday 9 May 2022 English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1
(GPS 45 minutes; 50 marks) and 2 (Spelling c.30 minutes; 20 marks)
Tuesday 10 May 2022 English reading (60 minutes; 50 marks)
Wednesday 11 May 2022 Mathematics papers 1 (Arithmetic 30 minutes; 40 marks)
and 2 (Reasoning 40 minutes; 35 marks)
Thursday 12 May 2022 Mathematics paper 3 (Reasoning 40 minutes; 35 marks)

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
This will consist of a 45-minute GPS paper (50 marks) and a Spelling Test (20 marks).

GPS Revision PowerPoint– Use the links on the first slide to look at different topics.
Spelling Shed – Login, click “Assignments.
You will find this week’s spellings and general Key Stage Two Spelling Practice/Revision.

Commas Online Quiz

Maple revision videos created by our Year Six pupils.
Word Classes (Actions) 
Active and Passive
Preposition Hokey Cokey
Modal Verb March
Tenses and the Subjunctive (Songs and Explanation)
Semicolons and Colons
Sentence Types

Mini GPS tests
Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1
Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 2
Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 3
Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 4
Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 5
Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 6


This will consist of one 60-minute paper (50 marks).
The most effective way for to progress in reading is to develop a love of reading and to READ as much as possible every day. This could be independently, to an adult, to a friend or to a sibling.

Our three golden rules are to…
1. Read the question carefully.
2. Use the text to find the answer.
3. Answer this question in a focused way.

Revising for the Reading Paper – Parents’ Information

Short Reading Practice:
Short Fiction Reading Revision
Short Non-Fiction Reading Revision
Short Poetry Reading Revision
Fiction – The Snow Queen
Non-Fiction – Rosa Parks
Poetry – The Tyger

Practice Reading Tests:
Fiction Answer-Booklet-The-Holiday
Fiction Mark-Scheme-The-Holiday
Fiction Reading-Booklet-The-Holiday
Non-Fiction Answer-Booklet-Telephone-Box
Non-Fiction Mark-Scheme-Telephone-Box
Non-Fiction Reading-Booklet-Telephone-Box
Poetry Answer-Booklet-Throwing-a-Tree
Poetry Mark-Scheme-Throwing-a-Tree
Poetry Reading-Booklet-Throwing-a-Tree


  • Being read to (a book that is more challenging than you would read yourself) – we like this at any age including adults
  • Discussing books
  • Reading different forms of writing (poetry, magazines, newspapers, reports, non-fiction)
  • Using a dictionary/computer/kindle to find words they don’t know
  • Asking inference questions related to pictures, drama or real life, for example, “You think Luisa Madrigal in Encanto is stressed but she said she was fine, how do you know? What evidence can you find? What tells you she is stressed?”

This will consist of one 30-minute Arithmetic test (40 marks) and two 40-minute Reasoning Tests (35 marks each).

Useful websites:
Times Tables Rock Stars (Click starter and select your topic)
IXL maths

Teach Me Tell Me Cards

The Fractions Song Video
The Fractions Song Presentation
The Fraction Song Teacher Narration
Long Division Teacher Narration

Arithmetic Practice (Half Paper Mini Arithmetic)
Arithmetic by Topic
Decimal Places (Multiply and Divide by 10, 100, 1000
Divide Fractions
Multiply Fractions
Multiply One-Digit Numbers
Order of Operations
Long Division
Long Division

SATs Survival! Parents’ Guide to the Reasoning Papers

Reasoning Quizzes and Guidance:

Reasoning Tests by Topic:
Algebra Test 1
Algebra Test 2
Geometry Test 1
Geometry Test 2
Measurement Test 1
Measurement Test 2
Place Value Test 1
Place Value Test 2
Fractions Decimals and Percentages Test 1
Fractions Decimals and Percentages Test 2
Multiplication and Division Test 1
Multiplication and Division Test 2
Ratio and Proportion Test 1
Ratio and Proportion Test 2
Statistics Test 1
Statistics Test 2