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We are a mainstream primary school catering for pupils from the age of 5 to 11. We have a commitment to inclusive education and strive to maintain high quality teaching and learning in our superb school environment. We encourage growing independence and emphasise that enthusiasm, effort and high standards are expected from everyone.

Ancient Greek Democracy

The “boule” re-enacting Athenian democracy in History today, standing on our “pnyx”. Some proposals were definitely more popular with the “ecclesia” than others!

Investigating Light and Sound

Maple compared how quickly we hear and see something to understand whether sound or light travels more quickly. Watch and listen out for when we banged a drum on the field last week!

Reflection in RE

Maple class began our RE unit on ‘Wisdom’ by exploring how moments of stillness, breathing techniques and mindfulness can open up our imagination. We reflected on how it made us feel and produced unique artwork to express our personal experiences.

Cheering on Richard Whitehead in the Paralympics

We made sure Richard Whitehead could hear our cheers in Tokyo all the way from Rushcliffe!

Shadow Predictions

Maple class made predictions about the shape and size of a shadow using black paper to represent the shadow. We tested whether our predictions were accurate and if the shadow matched the black paper.