PE/Sports Premium

PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools
We see Physical Education as inclusive and an integral part of developing the ‘Whole Child’. Our vision for PE is to provide quality provision, increasing overall levels of enjoyment, fitness and participation. As a result, sport not only contributes to the physical development of pupils within our care but also makes a huge contribution to the pupils’ personal well-being and enjoyment of school.

In 2015/16 Gotham Primary received £8815 in additional funding to support and promote sport, PE and physical activity. This money was spent on employing Mr Mark Tinsley, a sports coach, to work alongside our teachers to deliver the PE curriculum.
At Gotham we have used the Primary School Premium funding to focus on the following:
• Quality and provision within school
• Participation
• Health and long term fitness
• Improving good practice
• Taking part in Rushcliffe Schools Competitions

For the academic year 2016 / 2017 we again have spent our funding of £8855 on employing Mr Tinsley to work alongside class teachers to deliver high quality PE lessons across FS2, KS1 and KS2.This ensures that our teachers are trained to deliver quality lessons which systematically teach children key skills which are then embedded through out all PE lessons.
Mr Tinsley has increased participation through lunch time clubs and also enhances extra-curricular provision with a range of after school clubs. A variety of clubs are offered to FS2, KS1 & KS2 and different sports are offered each half term examples of these are:-
KS2 Football, Y1&Yr2 Handball, Yr1&2 Gymnastics, FS2 & KS1 Music to Movement, KS2 Dodgeball, KS1 Tennis, KS2 American Sports.
Mr Tinsley also runs our school football team and organises inter-school matches.

At Gotham, in year 3, all children go swimming as part of the curriculum but this is funded from the school budget.

Monitoring and Impact
Our sports coach has contributed towards an engaging PE curriculum for all year groups, increasing attitudes and contributions towards school sport. Our after school clubs continue to run twice a week, offering a range of sports and encouraging different groups of children to attend throughout the year. It is great to see more young pupils engaging and enjoying these clubs, as well as some regular attenders who are keen to attend each club. We also encourage pupil premium children to attend by inviting them specifically. They enjoy playing matches in interschool competitions and share their success in school council assemblies.
The Rushcliffe School’s ‘Change for life’ festival encouraged a number of our less engaged pupils to have improved participation and a number of them have now signed up to the next after school club. Our coach also works with small groups of SEND and PP children during lunchtimes to support their participation in intraschool games and competitions.
Increased participation has shown a rise in both attitudes and attainment with pupils. This is monitored on a half termly basis through our individual assessment tracker. Hopefully, with the continuation of our sport premium funding, this is something that is sustainable as the children further develop their skills in PE and sport.